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Fun and cheap ways to survive the school holidays


Looking for some nifty ways to cheer up the kids and keep them entertained these school holidays – that won’t break the bank?

Check out these four great time fillers – you may even be tempted to join in!


1. Lights. Camera. ACTION!

This is a great way to get the kids out of your hair! Rather than have them sitting on the couch or playing on their ipads – get them up and about with a camera.

Let them know you’ll be happy to sit down with them and watch the final product later on – it will give them the attention they want, at a time that works best for you!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a play – which can also include designing home made costumes and props.
  • Think of a crazy task – like shooting a basketball backwards with a blindfold. It will be like they have their own YouTube channel.
  • Be a mad scientist and do some cool experiments.
  • For the music lovers – create a dance or music video to one of their favourite songs.


2. The blindfold taste guessing game

One of our personal favourites. Nominate who prepares the food and the rest are to be blindfolded (the taste guessers).

The food preparer goes into the kitchen and works out a series of different tasting samples that the others must eat and guess what the ingredients are.

This may sound easy, but when you have broccoli and nutella mixed together it’s amazing how hard it is to work out what the two ingredients are.

Give the ‘guessers’ an answer sheet and obviously the winner is the one with the most correct answers. If the guessers are too good, then consider mixing 3 ingredients together, and so on.

Warning – this game is best to be played outside.

ways to survive the school holidays


3. Create a “riddle” treasure hunt

This can take a little time to prepare so hopefully you have one child old enough to help organise it.

Firstly determine what the treasure is (those gold chocolate coins are perfect) and if possible put them in a box that is secured by a bike chain with a combination lock.

Have a number of clues prepared, with each one leading to the next, until finally they find the treasure box and crack the code.

For example, “Your first clue to be found, is under something flat. Go to the front of the house and find something that rhymes with cat.”

Make sure you create quite a few clues, and to make it last longer, have them complete challenges throughout (such as having to shoot 30 shots in the basketball ring before moving to the next clue.)


4. It’s a knockout challenge circuit

This is a great outdoor activity to tire those energetic munchkins out.

Work out a fun activity circuit they can easily do –  and have the others time them doing it.

Try fun ideas such as:

  • Tying an empty milk bottle to a basketball ring that must be hit by throwing a tennis ball
  • Hop the full length of the backyard and bob for an apple
  • Attempt an egg and spoon run whilst carrying a glass of water in the other hand…you get the drift.

The crazier, the funnier! Try to include ways they can get wet, covered in flour or anything else that will give them a giggle.


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