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Our new products are now in full swing!

Since the launch of our new product range on the 24th November, we're getting some fantastic customer stories showing exactly how they're helping our customers go forward with their financial future. Check out Ron's story below! Ron's Personal Loan Story Ron had previously taken out three loans...

Personal loan for medical expenses

"Great service. Quick response. No hiccups!" Every time we approve a loan, we ask our customers for their genuine feedback and score out of 10. Steve, from Margaret River in W.A, gave us a near perfect score and said, “There are multiple reasons I scored your company so high but the main rea...

An IVF dream comes true!

Having a baby is a dream many couples have. For some couples, being told IVF is their best chance can be overwhelming emotionally, not to mention financially. For Mel and her partner, they never gave up hope. Despite four unsuccessful IVF attempts, they kept strong and decided to try again with ...

Need a wedding loan? Try Fair Go Finance!

Weddings are expensive – even if you are trying to do it on a budget! Andrew, from Beldon in W.A, was planning his big day with his fiancée and they realised they needed an extra bit of cash to cover all their costs. He owned his own car, so he started his online search for a loan knowing he was...

Bad credit loan to upgrade furniture in NSW

Darran, in New South Wales, needed a bad credit loan to buy some new furniture. He filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, and required a bad credit loan to suit his financial situation. (You can find more information about your own credit file by contacting Equifax). After a quick application with Fair Go Finance Darran got the funds that he needed. Darran told us; “"I would recommend Fair Go Finance to my friends and family because you really do give people a Fair Go bases on their own personal situation.” Bad Credit Loans are suitable for people who have either: ▪  Paid Defaults ▪  Unpaid Defaults ▪  Bankruptcy or Part IX Debt Agreements (where you entered into bankruptcy/Part IX more than 12 months ago). Fair Go Finance tries to understand your personal situation and approve the right size fast bad credit loan for you. Repaying a loan with Fair Go Finance will assist you develop a positive credit rating so that when you need money in the future you can access it quickly and easily through us again.   Need up to $10,000?

Fast personal loan to pay for house renovations, NSW

Maria, in NSW, needed a fast personal loan to buy some whitegoods and make some improvements in her house. She needed the cash fast to start with the renovations as soon as possible, that is why she jumped online and applied with Fair Go Finance. After an easy and fast personal loan application she got an instant pre-approval. Even though Maria didn’t have a perfect credit history, she got the loan to suit her personal situation. Maria told us; “"The online application was easy and I received great communication throughout the process. I appreciate the willingness to look beyond the past and give someone a second chance (understanding that sometimes unforseen things happen that can impact financially). The funding was very fast; I got the cash by the evening.” Get started with a personal loan application We have helped thousands of Australians across the country and are ready to help you too. Loan applications take as little as five minutes online Conditional approval is provided instantly (upon completion of application) Funds are transferred instantly and appear in your bank account within 24 hours (upon approval of application) Need up to $10,000?

Fast rental bond loan, WA

Wayde, in Western Australia, applied online for a fast rental bond loan to secure his new home. He needed the rental bond loan as soon as possible to move with his family into their new home without any hassle. Wayde told us: “"I would recommend Fair Go Finance to anyone. The application process was fast and also the staff at Fair Go Finance were friendly.” A bond loan with Fair Go Finance can also be used to purchase white goods, electrical equipment or bedding equipment once you have moved in.    Need up to $10,000?

Fast personal loan to pay for flights & accommodation, VIC

Michael, in Victoria, needed a fast personal loan to pay for flights and accommodation to go to Fremantle in WA.  He needed the cash to organise the trip as soon as possible; his wife wanted to visit the college where she was going to enrol for a master’s degree, and they didn’t have any time to lose. Michael told us; “"Overall the application was hassle free & the staff were very friendly and helpful.” When you apply for a fast personal loan with Fair Go Finance: You will get a fast loan decision You will  be given a clear indication of the loan and repayment amounts; You DON’T have to fax your cash loan contract; You will instantly be told what documents you need to send in to support your application; and The funds will be instantly transferred to your nominated account following final approval.   Need up to $10,000?

"No hassle, stress free friendly service!"

Paul, January 2017