10 Best websites for online shopping for Christmas

OK, here’s a mantra for all of us this year: LET’S BE ORGANISED FOR CHRISTMAS!

Instead of being jealous of those who say “I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping” whilst you buy the last fluorescent toilet mat for your three year old…here’s a top list of 10 shopping websites that you can seriously get some winning deals from, while doing it all from your comfy chair at home!

 1.     StrawberryNet

This is an American website, but because the Aussie dollar is still strong, you can get some great deals on perfumes, cosmetics, haircare and skincare.

For both women and men, they do free shipping, give further discounts if you buy a number of items and their turn around times are fantastic. Surely everyone likes to smell and look good so this is a great Chrissy present destination!

 2.     Vinomofo

If you are over 18, and know of someone that wouldn’t mind a nice bottle of wine, this website offers great daily deals and their website is very entertaining!

They are currently running a competition where you can win a mini coupe full of wine, now how good would that be – buy some wine and then win a car for yourself for Christmas!

 3.     Snapfish

Everyone says that if they had a fire, one of the first things they’d grab would be the photo’s.

Memories are priceless – we all know that! Why not do up a great little photo book of memories for someone that you know would cherish it…it’s amazing what value we put on the effort of someone’s present so this one is guaranteed to put you at the top of the favourite list!

This one is especially perfect for those who just have “everything”!

 4.     Spreets

The range of products and services you get offered on this site and the other 6 listed below is exceptional! Just register today on the websites and you will be sent an e-mail everyday with great gift ideas – how easy is that!

Now you don’t even have to try and think of a present – someone else is going to do the hard work for you and you just have to hit “buy”! There is absolutely everything for everyone, toys, clothes, beauty services, adventure activities, electrical items, housewares, holidays, jewellry, and more!

5.    Catch of the Day

6.    Groupon

7.    Living Social

 8.   Ouffer

 9.   Scoopon

10.  Deals.com.au

So there you have it! Start your Christmas shopping now and you will benefit from some fantastic deals and great ideas - all from the comfort of your own home!

Now if your only concern is how you can afford paying for them now, we can get that ticked off for you too!

Add up how much you expect to spend, apply to Fair Go Finance for a quick cash loan and within 24 hours the money can be in your account ready for you to put your “santa” hat on!

Go on….now you can really say it….. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

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