3 quirky Mother’s Day ideas that don’t cost a cent!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so have you given any thought as to what your wonderful Mum would like on the second Sunday in May?

No? Need some inspiration? Here are three ideas we believe will make your Mum feel extra special – and none of them break the bank!

1. The Great Mother’s Day Draw

For those Mum’s who love to enter competitions and play games, why not set up a Mother’s Day Draw.

What is it? Well, you select three specific topics you know your Mum would love, for example, pamper delights, disappeared chores and favourite places. For each topic, write on a separate piece of paper 5 – 10 items and put them in 3 separate hats/bowls for her to draw one from each.

So for pamper delights you could list things like: Foot massage Head massage Breakfast in bed Favourite movie with favourite treat.

Similarly, for disappeared chores it could be, dusting, cooking a meal, washing the car etc. which you would do for her. For favourite places it could be spots you know she would love to go with the family, like a childhood park she loved, a special beach, etc. Let her add in any of her own, and then do the draw! She wins one from each! Lots of fun and she will appreciate the effort!

 2. The “Complete Day Off” Gift

Most Mum’s would agree that there is no such thing as a “day off”. There is always SOMETHING they still have to do, be it cook breakfast, do the washing, feed the pets, do food shopping, meal plan, drop kid’s places, the list goes on. So, this year, give her the gift of NOTHING. Choose a date (not Mother’s Day – most Mum’s actually want to spend it with their kids!) that she can sleep in, get up, get dressed and leave the house – WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING FOR ANYONE ELSE! She can then go wandering the shops all day, with no time limits, to then come home to a tidy house, dinner cooked, and one of her all-time favourite movies ready to be watched. To a Mum – this is TOTAL BLISS! Nominate the date and she will be looking forward to it like kids do Christmas

3. The Gift of Next Year!

For those that can’t really afford anything for Mum this year, why not give her the gift of next year! Do a bit of research and see if there are any shows /performances/concerts coming next year that you think Mum would love, or other things like a night away, a cooking class, an amazing restaurant booking – whatever it is your Mum really enjoys. Have fun sitting down with her and planning what she would really love to do, and then put together some form of savings plan that you can contribute to each week/month. She will enjoy the quality time spent organising with you as well as knowing she has a fantastic gift on its way! We hope one of these ideas may solve your Mother’s Day gift dilemma, but if all else fails a big hug and kiss and a genuine “thanks Mum!” will always be a winner!  

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