3 Smart Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day On A Budget

Diamond rings. Skywriting. Sports cars. Yes, they are all very expensive Valentine’s Day gifts and, let’s be honest, they have all been done before! Unfortunately not to us, but that’s beside the point!  Do you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day this February 14th, but have a limited budget? Well, here are 3 unique and cost effective ideas you can use to wish your loved one a very special “Happy Valentine’s.”

1. What's in a name? (No don’t worry you don’t have to perform Shakespeare!)

One of the best ways to make something completely unique and individually special for your loved one, is to involve their name. Whether it is their real name or their pet name you gave them, choose one.

For arguments sake, let’s choose MIA. Now for each letter, think of something they absolutely love that starts with that letter. Let’s start with M and choose massage. Finish for the rest of the name – so ours can be; massage, iris (the flower not the eye part!) and almonds.

Now, just get creative and get them all together as a gift. For example, you could get a love heart box, put in some massage oil, a personally made massage voucher and some chocolate almonds. Combine with a small bunch of Irises and there you have a very unique, budget conscious and sentimental Valentine’s Day gift! Don’t forget a handmade romantic card too!

2. Plan a visit to their favourite country 

Yes, sounds expensive but guess what? It doesn’t have to be!

Let’s say your partner absolutely loves Japan and has always wanted to go there. Do a little research on it and arrange a beautiful note saying you are going to spend Valentine’s Day in a place you know they will love. Set up your dining table with some of their favourite Japanese food, Google how to write, “I love you” in Japanese and write it in spilt rice on the floor. What you say next depends on which country you choose but for example you could say, “I am going to take you to Japan one day but for now let’s pretend we are there. The original tradition in Japan on Valentine’s Day is that heart shaped chocolates are given, but I am giving you mine forever.” Yes, it sounds mushy but isn’t Valentine’s Day meant to be?

3. Actions speak louder than words 

If you just aren’t comfortable with sentimental words, then consider this quirky idea. Get a collection of photos of you both together, pictures of places you have been and want to go, and any other photos that are particularly special to your partner. These days you can make some incredible photo books with online places like Snapfish that start from around $12. Put together a romantic book of your life together so far, and end it with a really special promise for the future. If you can’t afford a dozen roses, put a photo of some in there, at least these ones will last forever!

 So remember, just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t be incredibly creative and romantic! From all of us at Fair Go Finance, we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Fingers crossed you wont be eating black noodles – a South Korean tradition you must do if you don’t receive a Valentine’s Day gift!

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