457 visa holders - we can help!

Are you currently in Australia on a 457 working visa? If you are, firstly we want to say thank you! You have uprooted from your home town and moved to our sunburnt country to help contribute to our economy. That’s not an easy task!

We also understand that when you are on a 457 visa in Australia, that you don’t get as many benefits as our permanent residents do. You pay a higher tax rate and you don’t get the benefit of Medicare to name a few.

Need some happier news? Well, at Fair Go Finance we understand 457 visa’s and consequently we can approve loans to applicants on this type of visa.

The four main criteria that you need for Fair Go Finance to consider your loan application are:

  1. Your visa has enough term left on it for you to repay the loan
  2. Your employer can be contacted to verify your employment
  3. You provide confirmation of your visa
  4. You have an Australian bank account

Then just follow our normal application process, which involves the following:

Step One

Apply entirely online

Receive a conditional outcome as soon as you finish

If you receive a conditional approval, e-Sign using a SMS code we send you, to proceed

Step Two

Provide your supporting documents for final assessment/verification

Step Three

If formally approved, receive your cash in your account that same day!

Fair Go Finance transfers the personal loan funds into your bank account electronically,making your cash loan ready for you to withdraw within 24-48 hours, depending on your financial institution.

So, if you're in Australia on a 457 visa and are looking for a personal loan up to $5,000, please consider us at Fair Go Finance. We aim to give Aussies and hard working 457 visa holders a real “fair go” to help you go forward with your financial journey.

Like to know more? Just give our customer service team a call on 1300 324 746.

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Chamaine , November 2016