5 Quirky ways to jazz up an Easter egg hunt!

Have you hit the point where the thought of doing an Easter egg hunt no longer inspires you? Do you feel like a change but still want the kids to celebrate Easter and have loads of fun? Well, why not consider one of these 5 quirky ideas to add a breath of fresh air to your annual Sunday morning event.

The Bunny Money Hunt and Shop Experience

There are many hot places in Oz where the idea of hiding chocolate eggs is met with great fear….will the kids find them quick enough before they melt into a pool of mess? Well, here is a solution! Instead of hiding the eggs, why not design and print your own Easter bunny “money” which you can then hide outside and still give the kids the excitement of a hunt. Once the kids have found the money, they can then come inside where you have set up an amazing Easter egg shop! The kids can now use their special money to purchase the eggs they really want – great idea for teaching them about how money works too!

The Easter Riddle Hunt

For the slightly older kids, why not do an Easter egg hunt with a difference? Depending on how many kids you have, you could either give each child their own set of riddles, or get them to work together. The riddles need to give them a clue as to where to find certain eggs. (This also helps those parents who randomly hide all the eggs and then can’t remember where some of them are – only to find their remnant months later!) Each time they find the egg, the next clue needs to be located there too. This is a great way to slow down the craziness that often happens!

Go Somewhere Else That’s Hosting a Hunt!

If you don’t have the time to do your own Easter egg hunt, just do a bit of googling and see if you can find a place that is running one of their own. There are some really great events planned every year all across Australia, and sometimes it’s nice to get in the spirit and see loads of kids running everywhere!

For Those Kids That Love To Dig!

Why not make it a real treasure hunt by actually burying eggs (preferably in sealed containers or boxes) and give the kids a treasure map or clues, along with a shovel! Obviously you will need a pretty good sized back yard, but this will really satisfy those kids that are our future archaeologists!

For The Sporty Ones – The Egg Trophies!

Some kids just thrive on competition and winning a trophy, so for those kids why not introduce a very different approach to collecting Easter Eggs? This will need some forward purchasing of a few trophies (you can get a simple cup trophy online from $5 - $15) and fill the cup with Easter eggs! Arrange a few family challenges (paper plane competition, running race, tennis game – you decide!) and then spend the morning having fun and awarding the trophies! It could even become an annual event!! So from all of us at Fair Go Finance – Happy Easter! We hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.

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