5 Smart Ways To Keep Cool

Aussies all over our beautiful continent have already experienced some scorching hot Summer days, with plenty more expected to come. If you can’t afford to install air conditioning or pay the hefty electricity costs to run one, read our 5 tested and proven ways on how to keep cool this Summer without air conditioning!

 1. Start from the inside 

Increase the number of ice trays you have in the freezer and start drinking up to 3 litres of iced water every day. By making your body constantly hydrated it will automatically reduce how hot you feel (and apparently can even help you lose a little weight without trying!) Now that your fluids are cool, don’t stop there. On those days over 35 degrees, do not eat anything that is remotely warm or hot. This means no cooking on the stove or bbq, and making sure everything you eat is cold. Salads, cold meats, iced drinks, cold fruit, sushi and the list goes on! Try an iced tea or iced coffee for breakfast too. See, you don’t have to miss out on your morning cuppa!

2. Water coolers

If you really need a sudden cool down, here are some great fast fixes!

  • Fill a bucket with cold water and ice and soak your feet
  • Dip a flannel into iced water and wrap it around the back of your neck
  • Wet a t-shirt in iced water, put it on and stand in front of a fan
  • If all else fails, go and have a cold shower and dry off in front of a fan

3. Outside coolers  

On those horror hot days it’s worth investing in a cheap blow up pool if you don’t already have one. By putting it under an umbrella or shaded area and ensuring its not in the direct sun you will be amazed at how cooling and fun it can be just lounging in knee high water! This is one of our personal favourites with the kids, and if you make some water balloons and have them floating in the pool they can equate to loads of entertainment! Remember though; never leave young children unattended near water.

4. Sleeping time 

Trying to sleep on a hot night is a nightmare! Firstly, just before you go to bed you must have a cold shower to get your whole body temperature down. In your bedroom make sure you have a pedestal fan, a bucket of cold iced water and a flannel. If you also have a hot water bottle, actually fill it with loads of ice and a little water so you can either put it under your feet, neck or just cuddle it! By having the fan on low and just wiping the cold flannel over you when you feel hot, it will give you instant relief and allow you to get some shut eye.

5. Give your house some loving too!  

If you can look after your body with our first four tips, then you also need to look after your home! By closing the blinds during the day to stop the hot sunlight streaming in, opening the windows and fly screened doors during the cooler evening times and by keeping air flowing inside with fans etc will help your home cool down quickly too. Don’t forget to avoid using the oven/stove and any heat generating appliances; you don’t want any unnecessary heat inside!

So next time the weather forecast indicates SCORCHING HOT, we hope you will get loads of relief with our simple and inexpensive cooling tips! At Fair Go Finance we want to help you keep cool without breaking the budget! Don’t forget to get out and about too by having a picnic dinner by the beach, visiting those dear friends who have a proper swimming pool or even going to a public swimming pool! (Last tip – remember to take a clean change of clothes and toiletries to the public pool and use their hot water showers to save using your hot water system!)

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