An IVF dream comes true!

Having a baby is a dream many couples have. For some couples, being told IVF is their best chance can be overwhelming emotionally, not to mention financially.

For Mel and her partner, they never gave up hope. Despite four unsuccessful IVF attempts, they kept strong and decided to try again with the help of a Fair Go Finance medical loan.

We received the loveliest e-mail from Mel just a few weeks ago, which she has kindly allowed us to share.

“I am super happy to announce the arrival of my first child. Little Miss was born on the 19th of December and we are thrilled to have her in our world. I would be honoured to have our story told as it may inspire others. Without your assistance with the cost of IVF this bub would not be here and I cannot imagine my world without her.”

Thank you so much Mel for allowing us to share your most wonderful news. We wish all of you every happiness.   

An IVF dream comes true!

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"Smooth process - transparent and honest quotes and an extremely helpful web application. Awesome staff on the phone also"

Paul, February 2016