One of the best ways of finding something you need is by asking around. For Simone, of NSW, she needed a loan, but because she knew her credit report had some blemishes, she needed to find a lender who offered bad credit loans. Simone asked around and from word of mouth was recommended to try Fair Go Finance, which is exactly what she did!  Simone went straight to and saw how many bad credit loans we had successfully written. Simone completed our easy online loan application and was overwhelmed when she got an instant conditional approval! 

Simone told us, “You gave me great customer service and you kept me up to date as soon as the documents were received!”

A bad credit loan is a personal loan offered to customers with a “bad credit rating.” Fair Go Finance offers unsecured bad credit loans up to $3000 and secured bad credit loans up to $10,000. To get a current copy of your credit file you can go to Equifax Australia's website where you can arrange a free copy of your credit history.  

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"Excellent customer service and a very easy process."

Aaron, January 2017