Bad credit loan to re-establish credit history

Christopher, in Victoria, applied for a bad credit loan with Fair Go Finance to re-establish his credit history.

Christopher knew he had a couple of old defaults on his credit file which affected his credit rating, and his ability to be approved for a loan.

He knew bad credit loans were for people with adverse items on their credit file, including defaults like his, and wanted to clear some outstanding bills, so he searched online for a bad credit loan lender and came across Fair Go Finance.

He applied online, and was approved a bad credit loan with Fair Go Finance. It meant Christopher could clear his bills and begin to re-establish his credit file. By repaying his loan on time, he could now have the ability to show lenders and service providers that he has the capacity and commitment to repay a loan.

Christopher told us; "The staff at Fair Go Finance understood my past financial situation; they were very helpful and professional. Thank you!”  

Fair Go Finance's Bad Credit Loan product may suit you if you have one or more of the following:

  • Paid Defaults
  • Unpaid Defaults
  • Bankruptcy or Part 1X debt agreements (where you entered into bankruptcy more than 12 months ago)

If you're ready to move forward and would like a bad credit loan to get back on track, why not consider Fair Go Finance? We're here to help!

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"Good company easy to deal with and willing to give a fair go."

Troy, January 2017