Best 5 Tips To Avoid The Christmas Debt Headache

Ok, don’t panic. The Christmas decorations are out, Santa is now sitting in his sleigh having photos with the kids and there are only 6 weeks until the big day! This year, try and not get caught in the trap of spending too much and having a terrible debt waiting for you in the New Year. At Fair Go Finance we want you to have an amazing Christmas and not have a terrible debt headache, so here are our top 5 tips to avoid over spending in 2013!

  1. Set a budget now and stick to it.
  2. Do not leave gift buying to the last minute as it often leads to “panic” spending.
  3. Suggest using the Kris Kringle approach as much as you can! That way you only need to buy a few presents rather than one for every relative/friend/work colleague.
  4. Remind yourself that everyone is in the same boat! If you are worried about what someone may spend on you, be upfront and ask if you could agree on a spending limit or even agree not to buy each other a present at all!
  5. If you do need extra cash, consider a personal cash loan rather than get caught in the credit card debt spiral.

Are you reading this, but feel as though it’s a little too late because you have already gone a bit crazy on the spending and got the credit card looking a bit nasty? Don’t be too harsh on yourself; we are all guilty of doing it at some point or another! So in the Christmas Spirit of trying to help and focus on the positive, here are our ideas to try and ease some pain!

  1. Face up to the debt head on right now, and start planning your strategy for paying it off. Do not allow yourself to use the credit card for any other non-essential reasons, if at all!
  2. Consider selling a few items you no longer need and use the money to pay off the debt. Gum tree is a good and free website that you can sell to local buyers.
  3. Set up a direct payment from your pay so you know a set amount is definitely getting paid into your credit card before you can get your hands on it!

Are you still concerned you can’t control your debt and you struggle to manage your credit card facility? Well, the next step is to consider a cash loan to repay the debt. With a cash loan from us, we can arrange affordable payments over a short term so you can get it paid off quickly and not have the temptation of “redrawing” like you have with a credit card. So, with only 5 weeks left until Christmas, all of us at Fair Go Finance wish you and your family a wonderful and safe Christmas period. We hope you can avoid the Christmas financial headache this year by using our tips and can start 2014 with a clean slate! Here’s a cute Christmas joke to finish off and give you a little festive smile….  

Q: What did the reindeer say before he began his comedy act?  

A: This is going to sleigh you!!   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!  

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