Fair Go Finance can help with a bad credit car loan – but what about car registration, car insurance and repair costs?

There’s no better feeling than driving for the first time in your new car! If you have had bad credit in the past you know it’s not easy trying to get a bad credit car loan.
Fortunately, companies like us, Fair Go Finance, are here to help with a range of personal loans including bad credit car loans.
But hold on…who can you turn to when the dreaded car expenses start to pile up? No need to panic…we could be your answer yet again!

Use a Fair Go Finance bad credit loan to cover all your car expenses

Isn’t it so true? It feels as though you have barely picked up your new car and before you know it the letterbox is filling up with insurance renewals, annual car registration notifications and service reminders! These costs are unavoidable and generally arrive when you can’t afford them. In a household with two cars, you could be looking at over $2,000…OUCH!!
Often bills will arrive at exactly the same time. Here is a timeline of what generally happens when you buy a car:
1. Find the car you want.
2. Search for a car loan. If you have had bad credit then you may need a bad credit car loan.
3. Arrange and pay your car insurance.
4. Pay for your car. This includes car registration at the same time.
5. Drive away with your new car, fill the tank up, give it a wash...the list goes on!
At Fair Go Finance we understand how these expenses can cause stress and worry. That’s why we can assess your financial position and, if it’s affordable, can approve a loan to help with all your annual car costs. Don’t risk not paying your car insurance or car registration – it could actually lead you to more unexpected costs if you are involved in an accident or need to take your car over the pits. Instead why not confront the mail man’s dreaded delivery with ease by applying for a quick and easy personal loan with Fair Go Finance!
By breaking up those large nasty looking bills into very small and affordable payments, Fair Go Finance can get you back into your beloved car so you can enjoy your new set of wheels! Happy Driving! Oh, and by the way, if you eventually wear the tyres out guess who can do loans for new tyres…

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"Easy. Got money in less than 12 hours once signed."

Meaghan, January 2016