Fair Go Finance Reviews

At Fair Go Finance, reviews and feedback from our customers are incredibly valuable to us.

Understanding what our customers need and appreciate, allows us to continuously improve our services, processes and products.

There are a number of ways we receive Fair Go Finance reviews and feedback, which include:

1. Google Review

When you "google" Fair Go Finance, you will see we have a google star rating. You can contribute to this rating but will need to register for a google account.

Don't have a google account? You can easily set one up, they're for free!

Already have an account? Then if you're ready, you're welcome to review Fair Go Finance now.

For our Perth office, here is the google review link.

For our Mandurah office, here is the google review link

2. Facebook

Are you a Facebook user and find it a reliable source of information? If so, you can visit (and follow!) us on our Fair Go Finance Facebook page which allows you to provide a star rating and comment if you wish. 


5 star rating review for Fair Go Finance

3. TrustPilot

This website published reviews for online businesses by consumers. Similar to Google Review, you will just need to login and have an account. You can do that here.

4. NPS - Net Promoter Score

This is what we use internally when a customer takes out a loan with us. It allows our customers to rate Fair Go Finance on a variety of things and is a very quick and easy online questionnaire.

Our NPS is where we get some of our best suggestions and improvement ideas, like our Mates Rates loyalty program, so keep any eye out for the email if, and hopefully when, you take out a personal loan with us!

We believe listening to, and working with our customers is the best way to Go Forward! 

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"Honest and Trustworthy"

Leah, January 2016