Fast personal loan to pay for house renovations, NSW

Maria, in NSW, needed a fast personal loan to buy some whitegoods and make some improvements in her house.

She needed the cash fast to start with the renovations as soon as possible, that is why she jumped online and applied with Fair Go Finance. After an easy and fast personal loan application she got an instant pre-approval. Even though Maria didn’t have a perfect credit history, she got the loan to suit her personal situation.

Maria told us; “"The online application was easy and I received great communication throughout the process. I appreciate the willingness to look beyond the past and give someone a second chance (understanding that sometimes unforseen things happen that can impact financially). The funding was very fast; I got the cash by the evening.”

Get started with a personal loan application

We have helped thousands of Australians across the country and are ready to help you too.

  • Loan applications take as little as five minutes online
  • Conditional approval is provided instantly (upon completion of application)
  • Funds are transferred instantly and appear in your bank account within 24 hours (upon approval of application)

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"Amazing staff. Fast response."

Stefanie, February 2016