Four easy and cash friendly Easter present Ideas

Easter is rapidly approaching people! If you are a bit short on cash but still want to have some Easter fun, here are some cheap and easy ideas to make even the Easter Bunny proud!

1. A Bag of Carrots

We all know the bunnies love them, so why not give them as a gift?! Yes, it is a bit quirky but there are a lot of people out there that will find this gift quite humorous! You may have a friend or family member who is allergic to chocolate, on a diet, or genuinely loves carrots! Either way, you choose the lucky receiver and you could even jazz it up with a great Carrot Cake recipe or any other recipe requiring carrot as an ingredient!

2. Easter Bunny Shortbread Biscuits

O.K we understand that there are a lot of people out there who won’t like the carrot idea! So why not grab the kids and make a batch of delicious Easter bunny shortbread biscuits. This recipe is the easiest you can find! A total of 3 ingredients! Once cooked you could wrap them up in some cellophane and add a few small Easter eggs…YUM! Please send us some if you decide to do this, as we always love something sweet!

3. Easter Egg Magnets

If you don’t want to go down the cooking path, here is a great craft idea for you and the kids! Why not head to the local craft shop and buy some molding clay that sets, some magnets and paint. You can create so many different shapes and ideas about Easter, such as;

• Easter Egg • Bunny • Hot cross bun • Cross • Easter Basket • Words based on Easter – or just a simple HAPPY EASTER!

Just follow the clay instructions and make sure you buy the magnets that already have adhesive on them or just make sure you have got some strong glue to stick them on the back when they are dry and ready to go. You can never have too many fridge magnets!

4. Letter from the Easter Bunny

This one is great for the kids, but hey, there is nothing stopping you sending an “adult” letter to your partner for a bit of an Easter giggle! Make sure you include things such as:

• The letter is being written because they have been such a good girl/boy

• Bunny World is very busy getting all the Easter eggs and chocolates ready.

• The Easter Bunny will be delivering Easter eggs in their suburb/street and also to their good friends (and name a few.)

• Do a P.S at the end and make a comment that will make the child feel special, such as I would love to come and play tennis with you one day!

Make sure you do it on some special Easter looking paper and actually post it to them so it does look very genuine!

So from all of us here at Fair Go Finance we want to wish you an eggstra special Easter! Please know that if your Easter budget is starting to get out of control, you can always apply now for a fast cash loan. Let us take the financial worry out of the Easter Holiday period, so all you have to think about is how you can eat all of that chocolate without putting on any weight!!!

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