How Fair Go Finance protects our clients from online fraud

At Fair Go Finance we want to make sure we help our clients, both with finance and doing what we can to protect their personal information. In today’s society the danger of identity fraud and scams is very real. The SCAMwatch website does its best to warn Aussies, such as their current notification about scam e-mails that offer Aussies a tax refund if they fill out a form online. The form provides the scammers the ability to steal peoples’ personal information like credit card details, tax file numbers and passwords. Then, by clicking a link, an innocent person can enable nasty software to infect their computer, allowing the scammers to monitor any browsing. So what do we do at Fair Go Finance to try and protect your information? Lots! Take a look at our top 5 ways we try and keep you safe.

 1. Maintain a secure website

Whenever you apply for a loan with Fair Go Finance, you will see that when the application form opens, the website becomes “secure” by now showing a picture of a padlock and ‘https’ in the address bar. and. This means any personal information you input is encoded.

 2. We verify your identity

If you apply for a loan with Fair Go Finance and you receive an instant conditional approval, we make sure we contact you and obtain verification of your identity. There is no way that Fair Go Finance will give a loan to anybody who does not provide enough identification evidence.

 3. We phone your employer

Another way we make sure it is you applying for a loan, and not a fraudster, is by contacting your listed employer. Doing this not only helps us ensure your application is genuine, but also confirms to us that we are being a diligent lender and making sure you have an income to repay the loan.

 4.  We phone your rental agent if you rent

Yes, we are thorough! By making a quick call to your rental agent again confirms you are the true applicant, as well as verifying your address.

 5. We give you protection tips

At Fair Go Finance we always want to keep educating our clients and help them in any way we can. That’s why we write blogs on relevant topics, such as what you can do to stay vigilant against online and mobile scammers.

Here are some top tips on what you can do to keep your details safe:

  • Make sure your computer is protected with anti-virus and anti-spam software
  • Change passwords regularly
  • Be aware of phishing, which is when fraudsters send an email pretending to be a legitimate company to trick you into revealing your personal details
  • Don’t click on links in emails or on social media messages from people you don’t know, or in texts from unknown numbers
  • Don’t share sensitive information, like online banking details, when using public or other peoples computers
  • Be aware of phone porting. This is when scammers dupe mobile phone providers into transferring the number to a different sim and then intercept online banking passwords.

For more great tips, visit So stayaware and keep safe Aussies! There are some dangerous predators’ out there ruining the great Aussie right of a Fair Go!


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