How to travel around Australia on $100 a day

We live in one of the best countries on the planet! Biased? Sure are but that’s because we’re proudly Australian and think there’s nothing better than exploring our own back yard.  

There are amazing travel destinations overseas but you can’t beat the sunburnt country, especially if you’re looking for adventure.

Some might say Australia is expensive but it is still possible to travel around this great land for only $100 a day. Here’s how.  

Join the backpackers

A bed in a shared dorm room in a hostel can cost around $20-$35. Look for hostels that include meals in the room rate. Also check out backpacker bars for cheap food and drink specials. You can get a burger and a beer for about $10.  

Take advantage of free travel

The majority of capital cities have a free travel network within the centre of the city.

In Perth you can take the CAT buses that cover the breadth of the CBD.  

Another neat option is helping rental companies relocate their cars. Transfercar has a database of cars that need to be transferred between branches and it will only cost you between $1 to $6 a day. This nominal charge covers fuel, insurance and toll charges.


Travel Australia

Try free (or nearly free!) experiences

Museums, art galleries, parks, markets are generally free and many cities offer free walking tours.

The I’m Free city tours in Melbourne and Sydney ask participants to only pay what they think the tour is worth.  

Buy in bulk

The Grey Hound bus company offers travel passes on the East Coast which are a cheap alternative to hiring a car or flying.  

Also, chat to staff at the local Visitor Information Centre. There are often multi passes for access to various attractions, which you can then spread over a number of days.

For example, the Sydney Attraction Pass gives you access to 35 Sydney attractions including Taronga Zoo, Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Harbour.  


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