Instant Cash Loan to buy home appliances, QLD

Donna, in Queensland, applied for an instant cash loan to buy some white goods for her house.

As an existing client of Fair Go Finance, Donna didn’t hesitate; she rapidly applied online on the existing clients section of the website. The application took less than two minutes and she was guaranteed fast service.

Donna told us; “As a returning customer the process was so quick and painless. I could do everything online and the money was in my account the very next day which is quite amazing.”

Donna got approved for the instant cash loan and she was able to do her shopping. Existing customers of Fair Go Finance enjoy multiple benefits including:  

  • express service on their loan applications,
  • discounts on their establishment fees and interest rates through the ‘Mates Rates Program’,
  • flexible repayments
  • and many more. 

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"Giving me a chance when others haven't.. and great customer service."

Mark, February 2016