Instant Personal Loan in Philma, NSW for Whitegoods

As soon as Philma decided she needed some new whitegoods, she knew exactly where she was going to apply for an instant personal loan to cover the cost. Philma had used Fair Go Finance in the past and given she had been really happy with her previous loan, she had no hesitation in wanting to use us again. 

“Why did you come back to us?” we asked. Philma told us, “The primary reason is the customer service, as well as your timely and punctual updates.” It’s so nice to hear how our clients think of us!

Philma only had to send some few documents and answer a few short questions because she was an existing client, which gave her even more time to spend looking for the perfect whitegoods she needed.

The key benefits of being a repeat client are that you receive:

  • Express assessment service
  • The chance to rebuild your credit worthiness
  • Mates Rate Program

If you are an existing client you can fill in our express client loan form and enjoy our express service immediately. If you are new to Fair Go Finance, we want you to know that our instant personal loans are catered for people with good and bad credit. Learn more about our range of personal loans to suit your personal needs. 

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"Good company easy to deal with and willing to give a fair go."

Troy, January 2017