Need a Cheap Halloween Costume?

Here’s some KOOKY idea’s to consider! WOOOOOOOOO….gather round eager Halloween followers, the 31st October is nearly here! Not only is it time to start making pumpkin lanterns and PURPOSELY leaving those spider webs alone, (for effect of course!) but it is also time to organise those essential Halloween costumes! If you haven’t got much cash to splash, fear not, here are 5 cheap costumes any trick or treater would be proud of!

1. Pumpkin guts- You need an old shirt, ball of orange wool, wide sticky tape and some pumpkin seeds.

Everyone will be impressed! This costume is one that you can’t actually make in advance (who has got the time anyway?) so on the day, put your shirt on and get someone to help you wrap orange wool all around your shirt. Next step, get the wide stick tape and cut it into long strips, say 30 – 40 cm’s long, sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on it and now stick in over the top of your orange wool shirt – voila! Where did you go? All we can see is pumpkin guts!!!

2. Werewolf - You just need to wear your normal clothes - how easy is that? 

When you are out trick or treating, you are definitely going to get asked, “why aren’t you dressed up?” or “what are YOU meant to be?” Here is your reply- it’s a crack up - “I am a werewolf but unfortunately there’s no full moon so my fangs and hair won’t come out!!!” Cooooooooool……

3. Cereal Killer - You will need an old shirt, some cereal boxes and a toy weapon

Cover your shirt with all the cereal boxes with a stapler or glue. Grab your toy weapon and oh my gosh, how scary do you look? You’re that dangerous cereal killer!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!

 4. Wicked witch - You will need black clothes, a broom and 2 pieces of black cardboard 

Yes, an oldie but a goodie! All you have to do is make your witches hat with the cardboard. Roll one piece into a cone and with the other piece make the brim of the hat – hey presto- you are looking wicked already! A bit of green make-up will top it off nicely if you have got any!

5. Head on a platter - You will need cardboard, foil tray, old tablecloth and some lettuce leaves

Get a round piece of cardboard and cut a hole in the centre of it. Get the large foil tray and cut a hole in it, as well as the tablecloth. Put the cardboard over your head, then the tablecloth so it hangs over your body. Now put the silver tray over your head, place lettuce leaves coming out of the neck hole. SPOOKKKKKEEEYYYYYY….

So have fun this Halloween and we hope you use some of our quirky ideas! Worst case, if you run out of time, you can always get a quick cash loan from us to buy one of those pre-made costumes…or even be organized for next year by getting a Fair Go Finance quick cash loan and go shopping the day AFTER Halloween – then the costumes are heavily reduced to half price or less!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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