Need a short term loan for stuff In Victoria? Check us out!

Do you have lots of little personal things you need help paying for and don’t have any savings? Jacob, from Vermont in Victoria, was in the exact same boat. He decided to go online and find a short term loan that could help him out. He knew he still had a part 9 agreement on his credit report, so he looked around for a loan that helps with bad credit. Jacob found Fair Go Finance and filled in the easy online application. He was given an instant conditional approval and after providing some more information, it was soon approved and in his account.

“I found from the start of the application that it was very simple. I was very impressed with the great communication through the whole process. Very grateful for the chance and to be approved!”

Fair Go Finance's bad credit loan will suit you if you have one or more of the following: 

  • Paid Defaults
  • Unpaid Defaults
  • Bankruptcy or Part IX Debt Agreements (where you entered into bankruptcy more than 12 months ago)

More information about bad credit loans with Fair Go Finance:  

1. It is a personal loan up to $10,000. 

2. It has flexible repayment terms to suit you.

3. It can be the first step towards re-establishing your credit history. 


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"Staff were helpful during my application process- I desperately needed cash and I wasn't made to feel bad about asking for a loan."

Sara, February 2017