Our new products are now in full swing!

Since the launch of our new product range on the 24th November, we're getting some fantastic customer stories showing exactly how they're helping our customers go forward with their financial future. Check out Ron's story below!

Ron's Personal Loan Story

Ron had previously taken out three loans with us, with his last being in 2016.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, and knowing Fair Go Finance could now offer larger loans from $5,000 up to $10,000 he decided it was the perfect time to clear his credit card balance and get a little extra cash to help towards his Christmas expenses!


Ron's previous repayment history with us was great, and his recent bank statements also showed he met all of his commitments without any hiccups! 

As Ron was a returning customer he received our new Mates Rates rewards and his good history meant he was eligible for a new product rate of 15.2% p.a. and was able to borrow one of our new larger loan amounts of $7,000!

Thanks for being such a loyal customer Ron! We're so happy you benefited from our newly launched product range and Mates Rates rewards! Merry Christmas!

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"Amazing customer service!"

Arshileigha , January 2017