Our top 5 budget gifts for Mother’s Day

Can you believe Mother’s Day is this Sunday? Are you struggling to think of a great gift and are on a tight budget? Well, we have done some asking around and think these 5 ideas are definite winners!

1. New season scarf

Seriously, all Mum’s love scarves! Remember the countless times they have tried to rug you up and tell you to take a jumper? With Autumn approaching it is the perfect time to look around for a scarf that matches your Mum. Think of what style she wears and get shopping! Here's some ideas:

  • Floral
  • Animal print
  • Paisley
  • Polka dot
  • Hounds tooth 
  • Tartan

Whichever pattern suits your Mum– they're out there! Prices range but some start from $19 so you should definitely be able to find her the perfect accessory for the colder weather to match your budget.

2. Custom mug or photo book

Mum’s really love sentiment so giving her a beautiful china mug with photo’s of her kids on it or even a photo of her Mum will definitely get a warm smile! Yes, it’s not the most original idea but if you get creative with the design she truly will love it! Photo books are also a wonderful gift documenting her life as a Mum and both of these items can be done at stores like Big W. Mugs start from only $10 and photo books from $10 - $35 (for 10 pages).

Mothers Day

3. Deluxe tea or coffee set

Mums generally love either tea or coffee or even both! Whichever is your Mum’s favourite why not buy her a beautiful tea set with fresh tea leaves (the store T2 is amazing!) or get some deluxe coffee and gorgeous new coffee tumblers that are all the rage! If your budget is between $25 - $50 this could be the one for you!

4. Hair appointment with lunch!

It may sound expensive but you can determine the total cost! What better way to spend Mothers Day than getting her pampered with a relaxing wash and blow-dry, whilst you either cook something delicious for lunch or the take her out to celebrate! Make sure when she walks in the door you have a group photo with Mum (looking glam!) and as a follow up gift remember to put it in a frame for her next Birthday or Christmas present. A Wash and Blow Dry vary depending on the salon you go to, but there are some that start from around $45 - $60.

 5. How about some sentimental jewellery?

There's so much to choose from, and you can be guaranteed there will be sales on right now! There are many great Aussie designers who offer necklaces with initials such as Misuzi, so you can be as creative as you like - maybe just her initial or even yours and your siblings?

Make sure you know her preference (gold/silver etc) and style (delicate/fine or chunky) and look at what she tends to wear on a daily basis as that is her go-to style.

 So there’s no excuse now! Make sure you honour your Mum with a wonderful Mother’s day gift to thank her for her tireless love, care and devotion! Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

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