Personal loan for medical expenses

"Great service. Quick response. No hiccups!"

Every time we approve a loan, we ask our customers for their genuine feedback and score out of 10.

Steve, from Margaret River in W.A, gave us a near perfect score and said,

“There are multiple reasons I scored your company so high but the main reason was the great service I got from your representative, she was awesome and very understanding. The quick response I got from my application is the best I have ever received from any financial institution.”

We also asked if there is one thing he could change, what would it be?

Steve’s reply was,  “I can not see any issues to give any feedback on any negatives sorry. Once again thank you for your assistance with the loan it has helped me out greatly.”


At Fair Go Finance we are committed to our customers. We always want our customers to have great service, quick responses and definitely no hiccups! If you are in need of a medical loan to assist with medical expenses, just like Steve, why not consider a personal loan from Fair Go Finance?

We can lend to both good and bad credit customers, and are dedicated to giving Aussies a Fair Go. Contact us now if you would like any further information. 

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"Giving me a chance when others haven't.. and great customer service."

Mark, February 2016