Personal loan in Lalor Park, NSW for bathroom renovations

Jacyanth, from NSW, wanted to do some renovations to her bathroom. She had only been in her new job for less than three months and was finding it hard to find someone to approve a personal loan based on her short employment time.  She decided to apply online with Fair Go Finance and offered her car as security for the loan. After completing the very easy application, she was impressed that she was instantly given a pre-approval! 

“I would definitely give you a 10 out of 10” she told us. “I was very happy with the quick and friendly service and will pass on just how easy the whole process is.”

The benefits of getting a secured personal loan include:

  • You can buy a car or motor cycle with a secured loan
  • You can apply for a larger loan amount
  • Faster approval turnaround
  • You application is much stronger because you are offering security for the loan

Fair Go Finance can offer you a secured personal loan regardless of whether you have good or bad credit too!  Learn more about our secured loans up to $10,000. 

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"Amazing customer service!"

Arshileigha , January 2017