Quirky Father's Day present ideas for all budgets!

Oh boy, it’s that time of year again where we all try to cement our spot as Dad’s favourite by getting him the best pressie! Don’t get the boring socks and jocks, or the obvious two for one t-shirt deals, or even the traditional (yawn) box set of his number one t-v show. They are all so,……last year. Time to REALLY surprise the old man! If you haven’t already organized his present, here are some kooky suggestions to let him know you really love him – SURPRISE!

1. Deep Sea Fishing Adventure – AT NIGHT! (Over $200 budget)

How cool is that! If your dad loves a fishing rod in his hand (or even if he doesn’t – very quirky!) how shocked will Dad be when he sees he has got a ticket to ride the waves at night and bring home dinner for the family! Hope there’s no storms forecast!!!

2. Dr Dre “beat” headphones – totally wicked! (Over $100 budget)

C’mon, ALL Dad’s love music and think they are totally WITH IT! Why not give him the look he has always wanted by wearing the most ultra cool headphones on the planet! (Bet you he will even pretend he knows who Dr Dre is too!)

3. Trophy Award Ceremony – stroke that EGO!! (No cost – but need some prep time!)

If there’s one thing ALL Dad’s love – it’s being told how AWESOME they are! Why not fetch out that box of old trophy’s Dad won back in his “strong as a mallee bull” days, give them a “spit and polish” and set them up on a table. Now get Dad to “come on down” and relive and boast about all his triumphs! (If you can also afford the headphones in idea 2 why not give them a test run while Dad’s rambling – he won’t even notice!)

4. Fencing Lesson – TOUCHE! (No cost – just a call to the local fencing club!)

We all know fighting is part of a man’s DNA! Since being a pup, men have picked up sticks and wanted to sword fight….so why not give Dad a taste of the real thing! Most fencing clubs offer a “trial lesson” for free so why not book one for Dad so he can finally play out his secret Zorro ambition!

5. “Slave for a Day” voucher – CAN BE DANGEROUS! (No cost except your time!)

If there’s one thing Dad’s love more than having their ego stroked, it’s being able to boss you around and tell you what to do! Give him what he loves to do and offer to be his “slave for the day”. It might mean doing some gardening, cleaning out the gutters, wiping down the golf sticks but hey….it IS only once a year, remember! So there you have it! Some great novel ideas to celebrate Father’s Day and make sure it’s one year Dad will always remember what you got for him!  Happy Father’s Day Dads!  

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