R U OK? Fair Go Finance wants you to know you can talk to us!

How’s life? Are you travelling ok? At Fair Go Finance we know that life can sometimes be great, and at other times it can be damn hard. On September 12th it is National R U Ok Day, a day where we all are reminded to take the time and make sure you ask all your family and friends if they are ok or need to talk. It also means it’s a day where you should really be honest when someone asks you if you are all right. The old proverb, “a problem shared is a problem halved” is a good one, because even just by getting something off your chest can help you one step forward towards working through it.

What are the top 10 most stressful events in our lives?

  1. Death of a spouse
  2. Jail sentence
  3. Death of family member
  4. Suicide of a family member
  5. Getting into debt beyond means of repayment
  6. Period of homelessness
  7. Serious illness
  8. Unemployment
  9. Divorce
  10. Break up of family

The list above is very upsetting just to read. At number five is something that is very close to all of us at Fair Go Finance given it is part of the industry we work in. Unfortunately, when people start to feel like they are drowning in their own debt, studies have shown that people avoid talking to their current loan providers. Understandably it is a very uncomfortable position to be in, so it makes it hard to talk about. What we want you to know is that at Fair Go Finance we understand that this type of thing can happen to ALL of us. We don’t want you to feel bad or to run away and hide, we would love you to call us so we can just work through your situation together. At Fair Go Finance we have a specialized area that has highly trained and understanding staff that can help you. You may not know, but we honestly do not want our customers to get into financial hardship. If you tell as soon as you are struggling, then we will have time on our side so we can sit down and work out some alternatives for you. So, in honour if R U Ok Day, all of us at Fair Go Finance, would like to ask you three very important questions.

    • How’s everything going for you? Honestly?
    • Are you coping ok with your loan and other financial commitments?
    • Would you like to talk to us about your loan?

We know it may be hard to let down your defenses and open up, but please know it will take a load off your shoulders and may give you some feedback that you never realised was possible. As our name suggests, we just want to give you a Fair Go, so by you feeling comfortable talking to us about any issues will give us the best chance to do so! Now, to end on a brighter note, would you like to know ten ways to become happier? Well, here they are!

  1. Count your blessings. Write down 3 good things that happen each day.
  2. Try something new.
  3. Get surrounded by the colour blue – apparently our brain waves get happier!
  4. Work towards goals.
  5. Sleep at least 6 hours a night.
  6. Try to make your job only 20 minutes travel time away.
  7. Have 10 good friends you can rely on.
  8. Have a good romantic relationship.
  9. Try to smile more.
  10. Try to be more neutral rather than always arguing your point.

So we hope U R Ok. If you need to talk about something troubling you please do. You can even go to the official R U Ok website which is www.ruok.org.au if you would like to find out more.

 Remember, “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” - Joshua J. Marine

If you are suffering financial hardship, please follow ASIC’s guidelines and contact your creditors.  Support is available for anyone who may be emotionally distressed by phoning Lifeline 13 11 14.

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"Your process of securing a loan was very easy and made me feel very comfortable. The communication was fantastic! Thank you again for the work you do!"

Amy, May 2017