Robert gets a bad credit personal loan in NSW for home repairs

Robert, from Pleas Main in NSW, desperately wanted to do some home repairs but given he had bad credit in the past, he knew it was going to be hard to get a loan. He knew he would have to find a lender that was understanding of his situation and willing to give him a chance. Robert found out about Fair Go Finance. We specialize in loans for clients who have had bad credit in the past, so Robert applied online for a loan and was over the moon when it was approved.

Robert told us, “I knew my financial history was not a desired lending institutes model. You still allowed my current financial situation carry that weight, and for that I will recommend your business and I will be a repeat customer!” If that wasn’t nice enough, Robert continued by saying, “Your website is easy to use, your customer service is friendly and informing and the process was not stressful at all!” Thanks Robert!

A bad credit loan is a personal loan offered to customers with a “bad credit rating.” Fair Go Finance offers unsecured bad credit loans up to $3,000 and secured bad credit loans up to $10,000. To get a current copy of your credit file you can go to Equifax’s website (or click here) where you can arrange a free copy of your credit history. 

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"Fast and very easy to deal with, and done within a day!"

Nathan, January 2017