Separating or getting divorced? 6 things you need to know to prevent spiralling into bad credit: Tip 4

Protect your financial future, preventing bad credit and/or knowing how to re establish your credit history can open many doors for you in the financial world. Fair Go Finance can help you navigate through it.

There are not many events in life that can turn your organised and future planned world into complete chaos. One situation that tops this list is the very shattering, emotional rollercoaster ride of separating or getting divorced. Sadly, time and time again, couples facing the upheaval of separating will inevitably slip and not fulfill their joint financial obligations. Consequently this adds more devastation to their fractured lives as moving forward is thwarted when they are told they are declined a loan or any form of credit because of their recent bad credit.

What has happened? And what can you do during this difficult time to protect your credit file?

Over the next month Fair Go Finance will expose many pitfalls and provide 6 helpful tips to help those entering this difficult time. Our first tip addresses the very distressing event when one person is forced or chooses to move out.


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