Small personal loan for holiday to New Zealand

Rex, from Altona, Victoria, needed to get a small personal loan to help him pay for a trip to New Zealand. He wanted less than $5,000 but didn’t want a credit card, so he focused on looking around for a small personal loan.  Fair Go Finance came to the top of his list for a finance provider that could do small personal loans for holiday expenses. Rex completed the online application and was more than happy to use his car as security for the loan. Before he knew it, the loan was conditionally approved and it allowed Rex to feel confident he could get the money, after providing a few documents via fax. 

“Thanks for the excellent service, it was very efficient and quick!” said Rex when we asked him what he thought of the loan process.

Fair Go Finance provides small personal loans from $500 - $10,000 for a range of personal purposes such as holidays, consolidating debts, cars, outstanding bills, furniture and tenant bonds.  

The Benefits of a Small Personal Loan with Fair Go Finance are:

  • You will get an instant outcome;
  • You will instantly be given an indication of the loan and repayment amounts;
  • You DON’T have to fax your cash loan contract;
  • You will instantly be told what documents you need to send in to support your application;
  • The funds will be instantly transferred to your nominated account following final approval.

Learn more about our small personal loans and how they may help you to move forward.

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"Although I had fallen in hard times in the past, they were willing to look past that & give me a Fair Go. Friendly service & nice people to talk to. Thanks guys and girls!"

Daniel, February 2016