The best Christmas sale websites and more great tips for Christmas

Ok everyone, we don’t have much time left. Let’s skip the entire intro and just jump into listing some of the best Christmas sale websites to help you get Christmas sorted!


Christmas Sale Websites


This website lists great sales in all of the capital cities of Australia, and covers not only Christmas and New Year sales but also tracks weekly and seasonal sales. Take a look and if you like it, why not consider it a handy site to look at all year round!


If you never want to miss a sale catalogue again, then this is the website for you! Not only does this boast to have every worthwhile catalogue online but it also offers free e-mail alerts if you want to keep track of a particular store or product.


If you are really counting every cent, you will be very happy to use this website. This website sells new and used products and you can search to find what you want in nearby suburbs so you wont have to travel too far to collect! Don’t forget to also use this site to sell items you no longer need, it’s a great way to get some money flowing in your direction too!




Great Savings Tips For Christmas

Now that you have got the present shopping sorted, why not consider a few of our great savings tips for this festive season, so you can start the new year with money in the bank!

Christmas Parties – ask people to bring food and no gifts!

If you are the social type and like to have people over for a festive celebration, why not ask everyone to bring a plate of something? Not only will it help cut your costs dramatically, but it also means people wont feel obliged to bring you anything else!

Christmas Cards – it’s time to say goodbye!

Do we really need Christmas cards? Not if we are trying to save money! By the time you have bought the cards and posted them, you not only have used a lot of time writing, but the truth is, they just get thrown out anyway! This year make it known that you aren’t sending cards anymore, I am sure your friends and family will soon follow suit!

Christmas Day Food – be realistic about how much food you really need!

For some reason, Christmas Day somehow causes us to buy enough food for a small country and we end up having ridiculous amounts of leftovers that often end up in the bin! It’s time to get everyone’s feedback and only make the real favourites. Not only will your wallet be grateful, but also so will your tummy!

So there you have it! Some great shopping websites and great tips to help you get through this very expensive time of year! We hope you have found them of great use, and from all of us here at Fair Go Finance we wish you a wonderful and expense free Christmas!

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