Transport Costs – 3 Top Moving Tips

Moving costs can be very expensive. A recent survey conducted by Fair Go Finance found that, on average, Aussies spent $3402 when they move to another property, which can be very daunting for first time movers. Can moving costs be reduced? We think so, as long as you do your research well before you move to find cheaper moving alternatives. 

3 tips to consider before moving

  1. Utilise friends and family. If you don’t have a huge amount to shift, and the distance between each place is minimal, first consider whether you could manage with the help of family and friends. Many hands can make light work, and you could save hundreds of dollars by not hiring a removalist service. 
  1. Move during off-peak times. If you do need to use a removalist service, make sure you get a few quotes and ask them the following questions:
  • What’s the cheapest rate they have? Many are cheaper during weekdays and also mid-month and it’s also worth asking if they give any further discount the earlier you book.
  • Are there any additional or extra fees that may be charged? Don’t get caught by a cheap headline rate, only to be hit by extra fees you didn’t ask about. 
  1. Pack your own boxes. Being organised is key to reducing moving costs, so ask friends, family and stores nearby if they have any packing boxes you can have. By starting well before you move will allow you to get a clearer idea of how much you have to move. Be ruthless, and if there are things you don’t want, sell them before you move, either by putting them on gumtree, your office noticeboard or other selling websites. Otherwise don’t forget to offer unwanted items to charities who would be grateful for the donation. 

What to remember when moving

  1. Insurance. Whichever method you use to move your belongings, make sure you are covered in the event something is broken in transit. Also be mindful of any friends and family you have asked to help, as back injuries and accidents can occur when lifting heavy items. Be sensible and hire or borrow any equipment that can help, such as trolleys. 
  1. Say Thanks. When people help you move, they are giving up their personal time. Make sure you acknowledge them in some way, whether it be providing a thank you dinner or a simple guarantee that you will be there for when they may need to move. Sometimes the stress of moving can cause manners to be forgotten, so make sure you give it thought before the day, and keep those relationships intact.

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