Two amazing competitions, two amazing winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our two latest competitions. Here’s a small taste of the results:

In our Facebook survey, we asked which you thought was riskier: Losing your wallet or purse, or getting a virus on your computer. It’s a tough question, we know. And interestingly, the answers were very close…  

56% - getting a virus

44% - losing your wallet or purse

While many of us enjoy the convenience of digital money, and we enjoy global shopping and 24/7 banking, we’re also facing the reality that our online banking and finances are susceptible to new dangers.

All is not lost, however! To help you navigate these modern financial dangers, we’ve assembled some top tips on how to keep your wallet or purse, and your online finances, safe.

Thanks again for participating and congratulations to Rachelle Schloeffel for winning!  

The Future of Money

We all know that money is changing. We can now pay for services, go clothes shopping or go out for dinner and never see a bank note or coin.

But we wanted to find out from you exactly how you see the future of money…how you’re using digital money, how it’s changing your habits, what you like, what you don’t like, what you expect.

We’ll be publishing all the results and showing you all the differences: Between men and women, between people from different states and territories, and between different generations.

And then, we’ll be showing you what all of them had in common. With 3148 participants, we have gathered some amazing insights. We’d like to thank every one of you for participating… Especially Carmen, who has won our $800 prize! Here’s what Carmen had to say when we told her she’d won:  

“That’s amazing, thank you so much!! This is super unexpected and so appreciated! So many exclamation points, I’m so happy!”  

Thanks again to everyone for participating in our Future of Money survey. And to Carmen and your partner, we wish you the very best future together!

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