Typical Vet Fees and Costs # Vet Bills

The love from a pet is for free, but unfortunately if it ever needs to go the vet, their service is not. If you are considering a pet now, or have one but never thought too much about vet bills, here is some important information you should know.

What should I know about vet bills?

Vet bills vary, so it’s worth getting quotes from a few vets before you go ahead with any routine procedure. Unfortunately there are no standard fees and the Australian Veterinarian Association (AVA) website states that each vet is allowed to set their own fees.

Examples of Fee Variations researched by The Sunday Mail include: Vaccinating a female cat ranged from $54 to $87 Desexing a male dog ranged from $157 to $330

  • A vet bill study by Choice in 2012 revealed that the average vet bill was between $1048 and $2564 so in 2015 these figures are likely to be even more. For some pets, surgery fees and charges have been reported up to $19,900 and more.
  • Vets continue to diversify and offer new services, such as acupuncture, oncology, dentistry and MRI scans. Choice recommends you should always question how necessary the service is and to ensure they are not upselling non-essential treatment.
  • Some vet surgeries are open 24 hours so understandably their services may cost a lot more compared to a surgery that is only open during normal trading hours.

Some other examples of pet medical fees and costs

As mentioned, typical/average vet charges and costs do vary. In Australia, you cannot obtain a national register of set vet bills or annual costs, but here are some examples we found to give you an understanding of what some people have paid for certain types of vet fees.

  1. Kitten hit by a car $5,000
  2. Fix blocked bladder in cat $954
  3. Cancer treatment for a cat $3,000
  4. Emergency Dog Caesarean $4,400

I don’t have pet insurance - How can I afford a large vet bill?

At Fair Go Finance, we can provide a vet loan up to $10,000 to help cover any unexpected vet cost.  

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