What Can You Do With Pets When You Go On Holiday? # Vet Bills

If you have a pet, they will need to be looked after when you go on holiday without them. The cheapest way is to ask family or friends to help out, but what if they can’t help? What are some other options?

Pet Minding In Your Home Depending on where you live, there may be a pet minding service that will come to your home once or twice a day to feed, walk you pet, check your property and ensure your pet is ok. Costs vary depending on what else they offer to do (such as mail collection, bins, rotation of house lights), but on average you are looking at:

  • CAT          1 visit per day    $25
  • DOG        1 visit per day    $30
  • CAGED ANIMALS (Birds, Guinea Pigs, mice, rabbits, reptiles)       $5 per day

Pet Care Service This service involves you leaving your pet at someone else’s house to take care of them. Searching on the internet comes up with a number of providers such as holidog.com, gumtree.com.au and petcloud.com.au. The cost starts from $10 a night, but make sure you do all the necessary checks to ensure the person is genuine, recommended and you are comfortable leaving your pet with them.

Pet holiday

Kennels and Catteries In Australia, there are a number of kennels and catteries who offer to care for your dog or cat when you are away. If you don’t know where to start, go to the Pet Industry Association website who represent all businesses in the pet industry and have members who uphold high standards and ethical practices.

Kennels and catteries offer your pet their own room, feeding and play time. They also provide additional services at a cost such as exercise time, pedicure and grooming services. As a guide, the rates are as follows:

  • CAT          $15 - $25 per day
  • DOG        $25 - $35 per day

Can I get a loan to pay for my pet costs? At Fair Go Finance we understand that saving for a holiday is hard enough, let alone saving to pay for your pet to be looked after.

That is why we have pet loans from $500 which you can apply for to assist with your pet’s care.

These cash loans can also be used for vet bills and other pet costs such as buying a pet and getting all of the necessary items they need.

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