Where Can I Go For An Unsecured $3,000 Loan?

Everyone has experienced the frustration when you suddenly have two big bills to pay at the same time. Anne, from Wulguru in Queensland, not only had a vet bill that needed sorting out, but she also needed some dental work done for her. Where could she get an unsecured loan for close to $3,000? Guess! From Fair Go Finance of course! Anne was quick to fill out the online application form on the Fair Go Finance website and she was soon smiling with her new smile that could finally be paid for!

 Anne told us, “You had extremely friendly and helpful staff and it was fast and efficient processing of the application!”

Benefits of an unsecured loan with Fair Go Finance are:  

To be eligible for a Fair Go Finance unsecured loan you need:

  • To be over 18 years old
  • To be a permanent Australian resident and
  • To be in regular employment

Come and learn more about our unsecured loans and how one may help you move forward.   

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"Easy to apply, fast approval & flexible repayments."

Ryan, January 2017