Who Can Give A Cash Loan For Car Repairs? We Can!

No one plans a car accident, so when it happens the cost of repairing your car can be expensive. Elisapeti from Frenchs Forest in NSW was put in that exact position and didn’t have the cash to pay for it. Fortunately she had already used Fair Go Finance in the past when she needed a cash loan so she headed straight to our website to our “Mates Rates” section. She completed the super quick application and with the priority service for existing clients, her loan was approved.

“I am extremely happy with your service,” she told us. “From my first loan to my third, the service has been exceptional. Such happy people you guys have, and it’s just obvious by the tone of their voices!” Elisapeti then went on to say, “I have never dealt with such an awesome company like yours and I appreciate your help. I wouldn’t want anything to change. Keep up the professionalism; your company should be a carbon copy of every loan company in Australia! God Bless!”

  Elisapeti only had to answer a few short questions because she was an existing client. The key benefits of being a repeat client are: 

  • Express assessment service
  • Discount on the establishment fee
  • Discount on the interest rate

If you are an existing client welcome to our express existing client loan form. If you are a new client to Fair Go Finance, we want you to know that our Cash Loans are catered for people with good and bad credit. 


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"Excellent fast service, friendly staff, easy to use website"

Chamaine , November 2016