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Bond loans: Can they be used for moving expenses too?

Here at Fair Go Finance, we understand how expensive moving can be. On top of paying for your bond, there are many other moving expenses such as:

  • removalist costs
  • insurances
  • furniture costs and;
  • connection costs

So, can a bond loan be used to cover these expenses too? At Fair Go Finance, the answer is yes.

We can provide bond loans up to $10,000, which enables customers to be able to cover all of their moving expenses in one easy-to-manage loan.

Rather than use a credit card and risk maxing out the card’s limit, we recommend choosing a bond loan instead. You can budget for your monthly loan repayment and have a set direct debit so it’s organised right from the start.

At Fair Go Finance we individually assess you each time you apply with us, we make sure we understand your current financial position and calculate a monthly repayment that is affordable for you. Also, because our rates are fixed, you can be guaranteed that your repayment will never change for the entire term of your bond loan. It keeps things as simple as possible.

If you are moving out for the very first time, setting a budget is important (and essential) because it’s easy to overspend setting up and then somewhat overwhelming when the first utility bills start to arrive.

Overall, whether you are moving out for the first time or are a seasoned mover, one thing’s certain and that’s the requirement to pay a bond.

As bonds can be expensive, let alone the other associated moving costs, you may find yourself in a position where you haven’t saved enough. If that happens, why not consider a bond loan from Fair Go Finance, we’re here to help.

bond loan - boxes for moving home

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