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10 under $10: Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Projects

10 under $10: Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Projects

Trick or Treat!!  It’s that time of the year again… if you’re feeling the pinch and need some quick and easy ways to decorate your place for Halloween, check out our round-up of 10 ideas under $10.


Spiders and bats

Classic Halloween DIY at its best – these bats and spiders are not only cheap but super easy.

For the bats, simply trace and cut out bat silhouettes from cardboard, while the spiders only require black Styrofoam balls and pipecleaners.

Stick them on your doors, walls, picture frames, window sills, running across tables, hanging from lights, or leading to the front door.  Check out One Good Thing by Jillee for instructions and the bat template.


Can luminaries

This is a great recycling project – do you find yourself throwing out several tin cans every rubbish day?  Keep them for this easy Halloween craft idea from Jolly Mom.

Jolly Mom Can Luminaries

Image from Jolly Mom


Balloon ghosts

There’s nothing too difficult about blowing up balloons, attaching them to the ceiling with string and draping white fabric over them.  Get the full tutorial from Oh Happy Day.

Top tip: for a more spooky look, shred the ends of the cloths.


Bloody handprint window clings

If you want something a bit more gory and don’t mind a little mess, this is the project for you!  Using craft glue, clingwrap and food colouring you too can look like a gruesome serial killer.  Full instructions are at Felt Magnet.

bloody hand print

Bloody Handprint Image from Kylyssa Shay at Felt Magnet

Floating head in a jar

How about a sinister pickled head in a jar to go with those bloody handprints?  Best results are from using images of your guests, but if you’re not confident with photo manipulation, use the image provided and skip to the bottom of the instructions.

Cheeky tip: save this one for April fools and leave the jar in the fridge.


Stenciled pumpkins

Don’t fancy getting elbow deep in pumpkin flesh?  Neither do we.  As evil pumpkins are a quintessential icon of Halloween, some clever people have come up with a cleaner idea.  Simply paint the pumpkins and stencil on your wicked designs.


Foam tombstones

What Halloween is complete without a faux graveyard?  Get creative with Styrofoam (or even thick card) and paint.  Check out HGTV for more information.


Mason jars

Do you have several mason jars lying around at home?  Great.  With a little imagination these can take on a life of their own.  Check out Country Living’s roundup of the top 35 ways to use these handy jars.


Floating candles

For a bit of Harry Potter inspired eeriness (and an easy way to use up those old toilet rolls), check out this DIY from The Sway.


Specimen jars

Nothing like some delightful creepy crawlies suspended in unnaturally coloured liquids to startle your Halloween guests, plus it’s cheap! – check out Real House Moms for inspiration:

Halloween Specimen jars Real Housemoms

Image from Kirsten Thompson, Sweet Tea and Saving Grace

Hope you have fun recreating these ideas to decorate your home in time for Halloween.  If you want to go all out and make it a Halloween to remember, we can help with a small cash loan.

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