Welcome back. Here's our way to say thanks

"Mates Rates" is our great loyalty reward program for returning Fair Go Finance customers.

 Did you know that whenever you take out another loan funded by Fair Go Finance, we can reward you with some fantastic benefits?

 It's true and just another small way we can help you go forward!

 What are the benefits? Let's take a look:

 An Express Priority Service

You can access this incredibly fast service by using our dedicated "existing customer" page when you return. As we've got a lot of your details already, your express application is only a few short questions and then your priority service begins!

 If you're a returning customer today, and need up to $5000, click the button below to apply now!

Existing Customers

  Reduced Interest Rate and Establishment Fee

Returning for your second or subsequent Fair Go Finance loan not only means you'll receive our express service, but you could receive a reduction on your establishment fee and interest rate too!

 For all loans over $1000, you'll receive $50 off your establishment fee

 For all loans over $2000, you'll receive $50 off your establishment fee, as well as an incredible 5% reduction on your interest rate too!

  Large Loans

If you need a large loan over $5000, that's when we try to match you to a personal loan from our extensive panel of lenders. They don't offer reward programs, but the good news is you can leave all the work and research to us, which we hope you feel is a helpful reward too!

Want more than $5000