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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pet? #Pet Loans

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pet? #Pet Loans

In Australia, it is estimated that 63% of households have some type of pet. 53% of those have got either a cat or a dog. So it’s clear Australia is a popular place to own a pet, but how much money should you allocate each year to have one? Here is a rough guide for the most common pets!

Fish – The Cheapest Option! It’s true, the size of your animal does directly relate to the amount you will need each year to care for it! That’s why a fish is a very good way to start, especially with kids who can lose interest quite quickly in the day-to-day care of pets. Here’s what you would could expect to spend on a fish:

  • SET UP COST: Aquarium/ filters/fish bowl RANGE: $30 – $300
  • FOOD PER YEAR: $35
  • VET COSTS: NIL – very few people take their fish to the vet!

Bird If you don’t want the responsibility to exercise your animal, and love hearing morning tweets, perhaps a bird is an ideal pet for you. Here’s an idea of what they will set you back.

  • SET UP COST: Cage/swing/feeder etc. RANGE: $35 -$500
  • FOOD PER YEAR: $135
  • AVE. VET COSTS: $275
  • AVE. YEARLY COST: $300

Cat If you want affection, but don’t want to be tied to exercising a pet, a cat may be your best choice.

  • SET UP COST: Litter box, cat litter, post, collar RANGE: $200 – $650
  • FOOD PER YEAR: $300
  • AVE VET COSTS: $300
  • AVE. YEARLY COST: $900

Dog The biggest size pet, and the one that generally needs daily exercise. If you are ready to take on the pet that requires the most attention, here is what you will be looking at spending!

  • SET UP COST: bed, collar, bowls, leash RANGE: $250 – $1000
  • FOOD PER YEAR: $410
  • AVE. VET COST: $560
  • AVE. YEARLY COST: $1100

So, good luck if you a deciding on what pet to choose. Don’t forget there are even more things you can consider, including pet insurance and pet loans, so before you head to that pet shop make sure you find out about these too!

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