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How to Finance I.V.F Procedures in Australia?


Sadly, more often than not, any couple/person considering I.V.F or any type of assisted reproductive procedure has already spent considerable time and money in the hope of conceiving.

Often the expression “try not to worry” or “you just need to relax” is offered in an attempt to remove one key contributor considered a possible factor in preventing conception – stress. In a cruel irony, I.V.F and assisted reproductive procedures are, by nature, very emotionally stressful for anyone who is desperate to have a child. Then, by adding the financial cost of these procedures into the mix just contributes an additional “financial” stress. Let’s first look at the most common options recommended/offered by Australian clinics to finance I.V.F or Assisted Reproductive procedures:

  1. Use a credit card and pay for the procedures in installments
  2. Pay upfront for the entire process

There is quite a range when it comes to what the overall costs are for these procedures. Depending on how many attempts a couple may do and what procedure they have been recommended, consequently can mean an overall sizeable bill anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 and above. Yes, thankfully there are Medicare rebates available but there is still the requirement to come up with the fees prior to any partial rebate being processed. (If you want to gain more of an understanding of I.V.F costs, a chart from detailed under their fees tab, subcategory I.V.F treatment costs is attached at the end of this article.) Fortunately some people will have a credit card with enough available credit limit, or possibly enough savings to afford the upfront option. Some may even have relatives/friends willing to lend them the required cash to finance the I.V.F procedure. Unfortunately there are a number of people who will not have the above available due to such things as:

  • Not ever having a credit card /being declined a credit card due to no credit history
  • Having a credit card that does not have enough available credit
  • Being unable to increase the limit on their credit card due to bad credit history
  • Having a credit card application declined due to bad credit history
  • Not having any friends/family who have spare cash to lend them

In such situations, Fair Go Finance is proud to advise that on a number of occasions we have been able to successfully approve a personal loan to assist those desperately wanting to try I.V.F or an assisted reproductive procedure. One such client said “Thank you all so much for the professionalism and support you have shown me. You guys are helping me achieve my little IVF miracle.” M.P. So please do not give up hope if you are struggling to overcome the financial hurdle these type of procedures present. Contact us to discuss your financial position and we do hope we can assist you to remove the financial worry of your chosen procedure and ultimately help you to achieve your dreams.

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