Payment Agreement

I/We request you Fair Go Finance (User ID 390247) to arrange for funds to be debited from my/our nominated account at the financial institution listed according to the terms and conditions of the Fair Go Finance Personal Loan Contract and any subsequent agreements. By keeping this information up to date, it will reduce the likelihood of payments dishonouring, which prevents charges to your account. This change will be made on the date the completed form is received by Fair Go Finance within normal business trading hours. I/We acknowledge that due to banking processes it will typically apply to payments due two days after the change. This agreement outlines Fair Go Finance's commitment to you, in respect of the Direct Debit Request (DDR) arrangements made between Fair Go Finance and you. It sets out your rights, Fair Go Finance's commitment to you and your responsibilities to us together with where you should go for assistance.

Drawing Arrangements

This notice will state the new amount, frequency, next drawing date and any other changes to the initial terms. If you wish to discuss any changes to the initial terms, you can contact Fair Go Finance on 1300 324 746 or put your request in writing to PO Box 884, Mandurah, WA 6210.

Changes: If you want to make changes to the drawing arrangements including deferring, altering, stopping, suspending or cancelling the DDR please contact us on 1300 324 746 option 3 or put your request in writing to PO Box 884, Mandurah, WA 6210.

Enquiries: Direct all enquiries to us, rather than your financial institution, and these should be made at least two working days prior to the next scheduled drawing date. All communication addressed to us should include your name and address. All personal customer information held by Fair Go Finance will be kept confidential except that information provided to our financial institution to initiate the drawing to your nominated account.

Disputes: If you believe that a drawing has been initiated incorrectly, we encourage you to take this matter up directly with us by contacting Fair Go Finance on 1300 324 746 during business hours. If you do not receive a satisfactory response from us to your dispute, contact your financial institution who will respond to you with an answer to your claim:

Should Fair Go Finance not be able to substantiate the reason for your drawing you will receive a refund of the drawing amount. It is your responsibility to ensure that:

If your drawing is returned or dishonoured by your financial institution, Fair Go Finance will attempt to contact you via phone and send a letter to establish arrangements to make up the arrears. As per the Fair Go Finance Personal Loan Contract & Goods Mortgage, a direct debit dishonour fee of $35 will be charged to your account.