Customer Review

Name - Michael

Date - Monday, October 30, 2017

Review -

I have now had a few back to back loans and The Fair Go Finance Team is one of a kind team of amazingness!!

They cannot be compared to other lenders and banks as FGF is far ahead of them.

Everything is so easy to understand, no hidden little fine prints or traps, and they actually do answer and/or return calls and emails if you have any questions regardless if your loan application was successful or not.

They go through every aspect of the loan with you to make sure you understand everything. They don't just look at it as "oh, you earn this much money so you'd be able to repay that big of a loan"..No, they look at what is most suitable amount for you and your needs, and what amount you can afford to repay without leaving yourself out of pocket and struggling to repay.

Another fantastic element is the monthly milestone emails.. letting you know the % of how far through your loan you are.

Rating - 5/5