Want a swimming pool loan? Three important things you should know before diving in!

All of us Aussies love to swim! As Summer approaches and your desire to have your own pool becomes a real want, here are our top  three things you should know.

 1. Budget for a pool

Sadly, pools aren’t cheap. Your final choice may be restricted by what you can afford. Here’s a rough guide to get you thinking and working on your budget.

Up to $8,000   –   Consider an above ground pool

Up to $25,000 –   Consider a fibreglass or vinyl below ground pool

Over $50,000  –   Consider a concrete below ground pool

Unfortunately that’s not the end of your expenses! Don’t forget to find out about other set up and ongoing costs such as:

  • Fencing – pool safety is a must!
  • Garden/paving/surrounds of pool
  • Water (both initial fill up and ongoing top up)
  • Cleaning/maintenance of pumps/filters/chemicals

As you can see there are a lot of costs involved with pools so make sure you really understand them by asking family/friends who already own one and also your pool contractor/builder. Your ongoing budget will always need a pool costs column

 2. Get A Good Pool Contractor/Builder

Like all things, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Make sure you:

  • Ask around for recommendations from family,friend,colleagues, neighbours etc
  • Get at least three quotes
  • Ask to speak to recent customers they installed a pool for
  • Check out the Department of Fair Trading in your state or territory and do an online check of the contractor/builder you are considering

 3. Be Efficient

It’s the way of the world now. We all need to be aware of what water and power we use and also our impact on the environment. Here are some ways you can be efficient and save:

  • Use a pool cover
  • Have timers on your pump and lighting
  • Consider solar energy
  • Consider water tanks

Yes, there’s lots to consider! It can be quite scary if you jump in blindfolded but by taking your time and doing your homework, a pool is FANTASTIC! Our top 3 reasons to have a pool are probably yours too! Take a look:

  • Pools are a great stress relief tool
  • They provide good exercise for all the family, rather than sitting inside in air conditioning
  • Everyone loves to be invited over for a swim – they are great entertainment for friends/family

If you have decided on getting a pool, remember Fair Go Finance is always here to help! Whether you need a small personal loan to help out with expenses or a larger loan, we would love the chance to help you towards your dream, (just don’t forget to put us on the invite list when you have your first Pool Party!) HAPPY SWIMMING!

swimming pool loan

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