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What side gigs can I do to earn extra cash?

Are you looking for ideas to help you earn some extra cash?

Whether you’re trying to save some money or just want to pay off some nagging debts that won’t go away, we’ve put together a quick list of 5 money-making ideas that can hopefully help.

1. Do you have any skills you could offer?

If you consider yourself quite handy, have you checked out Airtasker yet?

This website has grown considerably and helps to connect people who need a task done, with people willing to offer their services.

Whether you can offer moving services, cleaning, gardening, painting, general maintenance, driving, creative design work, training or anything else that someone else may need, this is a great place to start.

To find out more information, click here to find out how it works.


2. Want to include exercise?

There’s always ways to incorporate exercise and earn some extra money – if that’s what particularly appeals to you.

Doing mail drops for local newspapers and advertising pamphlets is one way, or if you’re happy to include a furry friend you may want to consider pet walking. is an Australian website where you can get dog walking work or even boarding or house sitting options – as long as animals are one of your passions this type of work really would be perfect!

Otherwise, don’t forget you can always utilise the kids if you have any!!


3. Happy to use your car?

With the incredible growth of Uber in Australia, there’s always the option of being a driver of people or food, if you’re happy to use your own car and it meets their requirements.

If you’re not keen on transporting on the inside of your car, another option could be using your car to promote a business.

At they will pay you to advertise their business on your car for a certain time period.

The advertisers may have certain criteria they want you to meet, such as what type of car you drive, where you drive and how many kilometres you cover, but it’s certainly a way of earning some cash without any real disruption to your daily routine.




4. Prefer to stay at home to earn?

If you’re more of a homebody and would prefer to earn from home, here’s a few ways you can.

If you’re a bit of a hoarder, perhaps it’s time to have a clean out and sell some things? 

You can use platforms such as gumtree, Ebay, community notice boards etc to clear out unused items and earn some quick cash. Or why not have a garage sale and get it done in one fell swoop?

Are you a budding photographer and would be happy to sell your photo’s? 

There is always a demand for original photo’s from crowdsourced stock industries such as iStock or Shutterstock so why not consider selling your images, they could wind up on our website!


5. Like completing surveys or entering competitions?

It takes a very patient person to enjoy completing surveys or entering competitions, but if that sounds like your kind of thing, then why not start investing some real-time into these for some extra cash.

Here’s a list of a few survey places you may want to research into, or we’re sure you can find plenty of others!

We hope these have given you the inspiration to earn some extra money!

But please remember – whenever you earn money there are rules around paying tax too, so make sure you get some sound financial advice on how to best handle this too.

Still not quite sure you’ve got the time or patience to do any of these? If that’s the case, then another potential way of getting more cash in your pocket is to consider a debt consolidation loan if you have a number of small loans or debts you are repaying.

To find out how a debt consolidation loan can free up extra cash, you’re welcome to read our blog “How can a debt consolidation loan help?”

Good luck!

Please note we are not affiliated with any of the businesses referred to in this blog and recommend you research them independently if you wish to use their services.

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