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Where can I get an urgent loan to travel?

Have you suddenly been faced with needing to travel somewhere urgently and don’t have the money to pay upfront?

It’s a situation that unfortunately can happen. Sometimes it can be for a very happy reason, like being selected for a state rugby team, while other times it can be for something unexpected, and you just need to get there.

Financing your travel plans should be stress free. One of the best options to reduce your stress is to get a travel loan or holiday loan.

Where can I get an urgent loan to travel?

At Fair Go Finance, we’ve made sure our online travel loan application and approval process is incredibly fast, so for whatever reason you need to travel urgently, the money could be in your account as fast as this afternoon or tomorrow.

How do travel loans work?

Travel loans, also known as holiday loans, are personal loans you can use to cover the cost of your travel plans. At Fair Go Finance, our holiday loans allow you to borrow from $500 to $10,000 to cover the cost of anything travel-related.

  • Travel costs for flights, cruises, train trips etc.
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Car hire, tours and travel activities
  • Holiday spending money

If you’ve decided an emergency travel loan is your best option, here’s 5 tips to help you make sure you do it the right way.

1. Make sure the travel loan is provided by a responsible lender

If you’re rushing to find a loan, don’t let the urgency cause you to apply with the very first loan that pops up.

Taking a loan out with an unscrupulous lender will only cause you more stress, excessive costs and no support.

Responsible lenders, like ourselves, operate fairly and will make sure the loan is affordable for you and achieves your needs.

Here’s some things you can look for:

2. Loans up to $2000 come with fixed maximum fees – but not with us.

The Australian Government strictly regulates small loans up to $2000 because many vulnerable Australians were getting charged excessive fees by irresponsible lenders.

All loans up to $2000 aren’t charged interest, but they generally have an establishment fee and a monthly fee charged instead.

The Governments’ rule is that these loans cannot be charged any more than 20% of the loan amount for the establishment fee and no more than 4% of the loan amount for a monthly fee.

Most lenders stick to this and charge these maximum rates for all their loans up to $2000.

At Fair Go Finance, we’re different because we offer lower priced small loans in Australia.

We take your credit history into consideration when we assess your loan and will reward you based on your individual file.

If you have a good credit rating you will be rewarded with a reduced establishment fee AND lower monthly fee on your loan – it’s just another way we stand out from the other lenders who offer these size loans.

3. ONLY apply for one loan – applying for more will damage your credit rating

We understand you’re feeling anxious about getting your travel loan sorted, but its critical you don’t jump online and apply to numerous places.

When you apply for a loan, a credit check is completed by the lender.

When another lender sees you’ve made new applications to other lenders, it will work against you.

IMPORTANT TIP: Submitting multiple loan applications over a short period of time will negatively impact your credit report and credit rating.

If they are a trustworthy and transparent lender, they should also have a loan eligibility page where you can make sure you are actually eligible to apply for a loan before submitting an application, so please make sure you check.

4. In financial hardship, will the emergency loan provider still help you?

Finding an urgent loan provider may be easy when you are in a good financial position, but what if that changes after you’ve taken out the loan?

It’s very wise to find a lender who you know will support you and assist in every way they can if you face financial difficulty such as losing your job or having an accident so you can’t work.

At Fair Go Finance, our Customer Care team are dedicated to assisting our customers throughout their financial future, in good times and bad.

Have a quick look at the lender’s reviews, social media sites and if they have any website pages focused on financial hardship.

5. What other personal loans can they offer?

You may be looking for an urgent travel loan today, but it’s worth checking to see if the lender offers other loan products too.

Do they offer larger loans or car loans perhaps?

It makes sense to choose a lender that has other loan products too, because if you ever need another type of personal loan, your good repayment history from your urgent travel loan will greatly improve the likelihood of you being approved again.

At Fair Go Finance we also reward all of our returning customers with an express application form and further reduced fees and interest rates – it’s called our Mates Rates reward program.

Do you feel Fair Go Finance is the right lender for you? We hope so, because we’re here to help you go forward.

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