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4 ways to keep your kids entertained during lockdown

If your kids are finding it tough to be engaged, mentally and physically, why not try our top 4 activities to keep a smile on your kids’ faces during lockdown.

Teach your kids how to cook a meal

Regardless of whether your child is 3 or 13, there are many ways for every age group to be involved.

You can include choosing the meal, writing the shopping list, setting the table and cleaning up, not to mention educating them on how to choose a well-balanced and healthy meal.

A key principal to incorporate is “lots of colour”. The greater the variety of colours in a meal, generally, the healthier it is to eat.

Of course, there are always the sweet options too, which is when you can choose to relax your healthy regime. One simple option is to let them watch some cake decorating videos, and after baking a simple base, hand over the icing and decorations and allow their creative side run wild.

Click here for some great healthy dishes you can make with your family.

For the sweet tooth’s out there, check out this page for some amazing desserts.

Get crafty

For those that like to make things with old bits of cardboard or other crafty household items, here are 3 things you could make with your kids. Click on each one for more details.

Build the ultimate indoor/outdoor fort

One of the best childhood memories for many of us was building a fort out of all the couches, pillows and blankets we could find.

Nominate a room and allow them to collect as many pillows, cushions, sheets and blankets as possible. Don’t forget the pegs which can prove very helpful to join the blankets and sheets together.

Remind them to focus on the inside as well, such as having lights and even crafting a periscope out of toilet rolls for seeing outside.

And don’t let a fort be their only inspiration – what about a boat, submarine, tank or castle? Imagination is all that’s needed!

Board and Card games

Board games are usually overlooked as a way to keep kids engaged, but if you can be patient enough to teach them how to play the game, you can keep them entertained for hours on end.

Start with simple games that require little to no strategy, like Snap, Go Fish, Yahtzee or Checkers, then work your way up to the more mentally challenging games like Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble and President.

And if you are after some fast-paced games that require a mix of skill, strategy and quick thinking, why not try Get Rich Quick, Spoons and Cheat? They are almost guaranteed to keep your kids alert, involved and most importantly, keep them entertained.

Need to buy supplies?

If your board games are missing vital pieces, you’ve run out of craft supplies or have just realised it’s definitely time to replace the couch cushions and pillows, fortunately lockdown hasn’t stopped the online shopping world from delivering what you need.

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