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Bad Credit Loans

If you're looking for a bad credit lender, you have come to the right place.

When you apply for a bad credit loan with us, we understand you’ve had a few financial hiccups that have meant your credit report isn’t too great and you’ve possibly found it hard to get a personal loan from the banks.

We want you to know that we’re not here to judge your past, so if you’re willing to rebuild your credit history and are looking for a loan between $500 and $5,000, that’s great and we'd love to help if we can!

Larger loans. Longer terms. Better rates!

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You’re definitely heading in the right direction to go forward and improve your credit worthiness.  Can we help every bad credit customer in Australia? Unfortunately, there are times we can’t.  

That’s why, if we can’t help straight away, we’ll be supportive and educate you on how to improve your loan chances for next time.  Helping you with an online bad credit loan the first time is our hope, so why not see how much your repayments could be by using our loan slider below?

What is a bad credit cash loan?

Have you had trouble getting a personal loan from the bank?  Do you feel like no one is willing to lend you cash?  It could be that your credit rating has taken a hit.  There are several reasons why your credit score may not be up to par including missed bill payments, defaulting on a loan or forgetting credit card repayments.

However, there are still options available to you - a bad credit loan is designed to assist those who may have had trouble borrowing because of their credit history.  If this is you, apply for a bad credit loan with us and let us help you go forward to a brighter financial future.

What is a bad credit loan used for?

A bad credit loan can help with things such as:

How do I get a bad credit loan with Fair Go Finance?

Apply for a bad credit loan 100% online – no need to visit a bank during office hours or print documents, you can do it from the comfort of your home or even on the go!  Simply follow these 3 easy steps:

Why you should always keep an eye on your credit report!


A previous customer contacted us to say he was declined by a bank due to his credit file.  He couldn’t understand why, because his Fair Go Finance loan had been repaid some time ago, without any problems. We asked to look at his credit report, and discovered a utility default had been listed since he repaid his loan with us. He wasn’t aware of it because he had moved houses and never received the outstanding bill.


He was very grateful for the time we spent explaining the cause of his loan decline, and ended up taking out a bad credit loan with us to fix the outstanding default and get back on track!


OUR TIP TO MOVERS! Please remember to notify all your utility companies and lenders of your new contact details when you move address!

 What can be listed on your credit report

 Do you have any of the following listed on your credit report? We may be able to help, subject to our policies and guidelines.

Have you been applying to a number of different lenders? Each time you do this, it can add an enquiry on your credit file which makes it harder to get a loan approved.  We’re happy to talk to you about your credit file before you apply so you know where you stand. Our goal is to help you go forward! 

How can I fix my credit file?

It can take some time and effort to repair your credit file but we assure you it is worthwhile.  In order to repair your credit history, you'll need to demonstrate that you're able to borrow and repay responsibly.

The first step would be to get a copy of your credit report - this can be done through Equifax (formerly Veda Advantage).

For more tips on improving your credit file, check out our blog on the subject!  

Moving? Protect your credit report with these tips!  

Keeping small loans clear and simple!


Am I Eligible? To apply you need to be: 18 years of age or older, a permanent Australian resident and in regular paid employment.
How much can I borrow for a bad credit loan? $500 to $2000
How long can the loan term be? 3 to 12 months
Is it a fixed or variable rate loan? Fixed
Who will be the lender? Fair Go Finance


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Need help first? Give us a call on 1300 324 746 or instant message us.

(Are you reading this outside our business hours? You can still call and leave a message or e-mail us with any queries, and we’ll reply as soon as we’re back at work!) 

Bad Credit Loans Pricing

 New Customers

  Min Loan Max Loan Average Term Typical Establishment Fee Monthly Fee Interest Rate per Annum Comparison Rate
Small Amount Loans $500 $2,000 5 months 20% 4% of principal 0% N/A
Medium Amount Loans $2,250 $5,000 8 months $460 - $695 $5 29.9% 39.9%



Loan Amount Available Term Repayments per week ( depends on affordability) Establishment Fee Monthly Fee Interest Rate per Annum Comparison Rate
$500 3 - 5 months $33 up to $155 $100 $20 0% N/A
$1750 3 - 11 months $61 up to $178 $350 $70 0% N/A
$2250 4 - 12 months $62 up to $169 $460 $5 29.9% 38.1% - 44.6%
$4500 7 - 12 months $116 up to $188 $635 $5 29.9% 41.3% - 46.8%


Mates Rates Discounts

At Fair Go Finance we reward you with a discount on your second loan, given you will have demonstrated a positive repayment history on your first loan. You will be rewarded with an express service and, depending on the loan amount, a reduction on your establishment fee / interest rate. See table below.

Loan Amount Min Loan Max Loan Reduction Applied to Establishment Fee Reduction Applied to Interest Rate Express Service
Small Amount Loans $1,000 $2,000 $50 0% YES
Medium Amount Loans $2,250 $5,000 $50 5% YES

Warning: The comparison rates provided are true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Maximum fees, charges and or interest equal to a maximum all inclusive equivalent cost rate of 48% APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Minimum loan term 3 months. Maximum loan term 12 months. For our loans of $500 to $2,000 an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) does not apply.  

Reviews and feedback from customers about Fair Go Finance’s Bad Credit Loans
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13 reviews
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    I didn't think you'd be able to help me but you did.

  2. 5

    Application is quick and painless and I now have a good credit rating thanks to Fair Go Finance.

  3. 5

    Great service. Easy process and second chance to redeem a good credit rating again.

  4. 5

    FGF really helped me when I needed it the most and were really easy to talk to, very understanding.

  5. 4.5

    Wasn't expecting to get approved with my credit history but they gave me a chance and it was a quick and easy process.

  6. 5

    You guys helped me when I really needed it and no one else would.

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    You have flexibility in credit assessment and a fast approval process one way or the other.

  8. 5

    Excellent service and willing to give people a go.

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    Credit History is History for them.

  10. 4.5

    Very fast approval and communication. I also liked that they sent me my credit score and history, as I was having trouble getting that information before.

  11. 5

    I don't think I could ever truly explain how this changed my circumstances and gave the chance to move forward after a part 9 debt agreement and no one would help me after that.

  12. 5

    Awesome service, great people very handy in time of money troubles.

  13. 5

    Helped us out when other companies would not.

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